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Augmented Reality in retail: Virtually try before you buy

What is Try before you Buy online?

Try before you buy online simply means trying virtually before making a physical or online purchase. As shopping has increasingly moved online, brands are striving to offer a comprehensive user experience that includes that consumers can try before they buy. Luckily, virtual try-on technology is making it possible. 

A virtual try-on makes a huge difference in the overall shopping or purchasing experience of the end-users. It can be an in-store or customised mobile application, augmented reality provides the consumer with a realistic &  personalised experience. Consumers can now try an infinite number of jewellery and other products no matter where they are at that moment & make the right choice. Besides this, virtual try-on also helps to reduce the cost that the brand has to incur in case of return of goods. Consumers can try & then make an informed purchase that will decline the rate at which the goods are returned.

Try Infinite number of jewellery on a swipe

How is  Augmented Reality helping jewellery retailers?

Augmented reality-powered Virtual try-on is a personalized affair that detects facial points & tracks the face in real-time. This also means that the virtual product stays in place even when one moves one head.  

 Augmented Reality is the new future and when we talk particularly about the Jewelry market then virtual Try-on has hit the market. Virtual Try-on is made by using Artificial Intelligence in which you can try jewellery online without any hassle. 

The recent trend has made the retail shift from established shops to mobile phones. Now, the biggest problem that online vendors face is the inability to make customers try products on themselves. It is practically impossible for consumers to visualise 2-dimensional images of the products.

Want a virtual try-on for your jewellery retail brand?

Plushvie offers a Real-Time & smooth jewellery try-on experience online, highly recommended for every Jewellery retailer who wants to expand their business and cater to Millennials. Our product  JewelTry will help you to reach the doorstep of the customers by just integrating JewelTry on your website so that whenever they visit your website they can also try your products and designs.

We have expert developers and designers to give you this flawless virtual jewellery trial online at your comfort with extreme ease.  To book your demo or discuss how you can increase your business through augmented reality, visit our website now. 

How does Augmented Reality increase the conversion rate?

  1. Using Novelty to Drive the traffic

    Novelty is the biggest reason for fueling the success of augmented reality. Nowadays millennials are the one who enjoys this technology the most.  Augmented reality is best and enough to draw traffic to your website and attention towards your brand. Augmented Reality has become a novelty for retailers.
  2. Creating Instore Environments Through AR

    What if you could bring your entire store right to your customer? Not just making your entire inventory available through your web store, but you could actually give customers the entire experience of visiting your physical stores. Customers could shop in AR, make their purchases, and then receive their products via delivery.
  1. Brand awareness increases by 70% with the creative use of AR

    Considering the wide reach & effectiveness of AR campaigns along with their long-lasting impression on their customers, a large number of brands are exploring the AR way to increase their brand awareness. Consumers usually remember AR ads owing to their interactiveness & easiness of sharing. Due to its wide-reaching, AR ad revenue reached $1.58 billion in 2019. Through social media & user’s ability to share ads, many brands reached millions of viewers. And it is no wonder that AR ad revenue surpassed a billion-dollar mark. Considering its high recognition, brands are realising the value of AR advertising & their advantage. As the saying goes “Action speaks louder than words”, consumers’ actions are reciprocating their saying. And if the sharing rate continues to remain high, the AR advertising industry could reach $8.8 billion in 2023, with an 81% compound annual growth rate.
    (Source: ARInsider)

Augmented reality towards a bright & promising future!

As the technology evolves and gives users more and more accurate renderings of how digital objects look in physical spaces. It is expected that more and more industries will hop onto the AR marketing bandwagon. For jewellers, AR has the potential to transform and completely reimagine customer experiences. These innovations will help jewellery retailers to connect better with consumers and will empower shoppers to make more informed and accurate purchase decisions, ultimately reducing purchase anxiety.

Contactless business is thriving in the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more people are reluctant to go to stores to purchase jewellery & their chief concern lies in the level of sanitisation of the product they have to try & buy. With social distancing & contactless business being the new normal, augmented reality can play a very big role to capture a large market share.  All this will help jewellery retailers increase their reach & enable easy checkouts by providing shoppers with more options worldwide.

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