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Augmented Reality in Navigation

Augmented Reality is making way in the business world and also the world around us. And one of the most known ways of application of AR is in maps and navigation.

There are plenty of apps out there in the market but what exactly are the benefits of geolocation?

Augmented reality navigation & routing : A perfect combination ?

One of the biggest challenges AR is facing is that it should provide a solution to their already established business plans. In the majority of cases, AR is a great addition to the business plan but it’s rarely a necessity for the customer experience.

AR Navigation apps

Augmented reality from Tours and Travel

Travellers always face this problem that if they go to new places they tend to get lost. And then they are unable to find the route and so there are increasing cases of safety. While geolocation and maps help but augmented reality is all together a new version.

Why geolocation is not good because it has your location and a map with all the information. However they can’t track your movement as they have a lack or may be limited resources in terms of geolocation. It’s not a deal breaker but when you are travelling abroad and lost it’s really panicking. 

So exactly how augmented reality helps? AR geolocation exactly shows you where you are and where you have to go like it is in a game head up display. Though it’s just one of the options. At this moment many travel companies are trying this AR geolocation to keep their tourists safe and also routing emergency routes when they are in danger. 

These routes are connected to hotels, hospitals or foreign embassies during that emergency time. 

Source: Yeppar

Augmented Reality Use Car for Military & Emergency

Military and defense has always been one step ahead when it comes to adoption and creative use of technology. 

Here’s an example. There are many former and frozen minefields into the war zone and there are chances that soldiers get blown off when they enter the field despite how safe it is. Noe enters the AR. 

Augmented reality GPS- based routing of the safe route over minefields or other dangerous places can be a solution for civilians who are still in waw zones. Of Course it’s not a saving grace but of course it can be a good alternative. 

Source: iOT for all

Navigation and Route Creation for Car Transportation 

Another field where AR is routing properly is the transportation industry. We have seen some words with AR HUD with lots of data and stats. We can take the example of Iron Man. 

Such things can be useful when you are driving and AR helps give visuals and also improve user experience by streamlining the user interface and implementing visual prioritizing. 

However, it should be noted that there is a significant challenge with the implementation of AR into driving experience and it is the driver’s themselves. Driving needs concentration and information popping up right before the driver’s eyes can be distracting and potentially dangerous, so that issue should definitely be taken into account. 

Source: Zero2Turbo

Event Management & Augmented Reality

Navigating through the sea of events on various summits and conventions is always a challenge (have you ever been to the Web Summit’s Night Summit???) However, a simple AR solution can streamline indoor navigation through a pavilion and make it a walk in a park instead of run through the jungle.

There are several ways routing can be implemented.

The most obvious is a combination of an augmented reality app with a routing feature that can show how to walk to a particular area. It is nice and simple and never going to go out of fashion.

The other way AR can greatly improve visitor experience involves presentation. In cases of presenting an architecture project or other proofs of concept stretched over multiple areas — Augmented Reality may come in handy to keep the sequence intact. As a variation of a guided tour, it can be more convincing to the visitors than a random wandering.

What’s Next? 

Navigation and routing seem to be the easiest way of implementing AR Solutions without disrupting the natural state of things i.e., the established business models. It can also greatly expand customer experience and open up new possibilities within a well-developed field.

The process of creating the solutions isn’t without its challenges, but let’s hope that in a not so distant future AR will be just another part of our daily lives.

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