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Augmented Reality in Gaming Industry

Augmented reality in the gaming industry means the integration of game visual and audio content with a user environment in real-time. This technology uses the existing environment and enhances it to create a playing field within it. In addition to this, AR uses digital information that it receives from the game & overlays it on top of the user’s real-world environment. These games are usually played on smartphones, tablets & other such portable devices due to the ease of playing such games.

Augmented reality has experienced great popularity in the gaming industry. This advanced technology has gained momentum & has changed the way people interact with games now. 

The first commercial application of AR technology was the yellow “first down” line that began appearing in football games in 1998.


The most interactive  Augmented Reality Games For Android & IOS

AR is influencing the mobile gaming industry & becoming the future of mobile gaming. Users today can enjoy the experience conveniently on their smartphones & other devices.

1) Knightfall AR

The game makes the user jump into a flat surface. The user’s viewpoint acts as a targeting system that allows you to fire at the enemy units as they march towards you. You can kill enemies, earn gold, reinforce your defences, and push warriors back, all of this in AR mode.

(Source: AppAdvice)

2) Treasure Temple Hunt

Treasure Temple Hunt belongs to the android augmented reality games. The game uses geolocation in one of the unique ways to support AR mode. You can be a treasure protector. You can be a hunter; however, you have to follow the interactive map the game offers in both cases.

(Source: Istock)

3) Jurassic World Alive 

This game helps you explore different aspects of the Jurassic world, come across mammoths, dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus, and Pteranodons and collect DNA samples to create your very own raptor. Moreover, you can share your creation with other players and compete with other creatures in real-time.

(Source: CanalTech)

4) Zombie, Run!

From the start of the game, the player is thrown into a zombie-filled world where you have to run and collect items along the way to survive the zombie attack. This app offers thrilling adventures to Android and iOS users and is specially designed for those who love a morning jog throughout the city.

(Source: Twitter)

5) Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 

​ In the game, the player is a Wizard, and he must fight his way through enemies and collect various elements. This game is specially designed for fantasy and adventure lovers. Also, there are different cameos of famous characters integrated within the augmented reality app for the fans.

(Source: NextReality)

6) Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is the most well-known augmented reality gaming app on this list. This game took the world by storm when it was released in July 2016. The game offers a virtual battlefield and brings virtual objects to life in real-time. The users can see and capture Pokémon in their surroundings.

(Source: Istock)

(Game Source: Tekrevol)

How is AR making an impact?

1) It has directly contributed to the rapid growth of gaming. It brings the users & games closer than ever before. It goes beyond the user’s imagination & expectations & provides the ultimate gaming experience.

2) Making games more interactive than others. AR helps users feel like they are interacting personally with the digital world. It uses computer-generated objects & uses them to implement them in the real world.

3) Replace conventional gaming environments as it creates endless possibilities in gaming while considering recent trends accurately. AR has brought more and more creativity in the industry which has resulted in the revolution of the gaming industry.

The world of AR is coming to life. The users can literally enjoy the game while being virtually present in the game. For game developers across the world, AR creates exciting opportunities & a definite career path as the full potential of AR can still be explored. It is an incredibly promising technology & has the power to transform the gaming industry entirely in the future. 

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