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Augmented Reality in events

Augmented reality means it transfers digital objects into the real world using all the technology. It can be through anything AR wearable glasses, computer, any website or anything. Augmented reality doesn’t take you to another world like Virtual reality takes you but it is like it lets you experience the objects being there physically and lets you imagine how exactly it would look. 

Augmented reality has been around for many years and also will be the future technology in the market. We have been dealing with AR since long enough and we don’t even realise that fact. We have been using instagram filters from long enough and snapchat too and taking selfies in different filters which are not present physically so that is Augmented reality. Pokemon Go and many more industries have been using augmented reality in their business to increase their sales. 

Due to covid-19 it has become near to impossible to organize an event physically so live streaming came into the light but that idea was not so much welcomed by the audience. So, augmented reality can help make events more lively. 

Impact of AR on Meetings and Events

In the recent launch of Apple’s next generation iphone such as Iphone 8 iphone X has a new adoption technology of AR. Each set contains Apple’s ARKit, a free iOS 11 software that allows developers to create augmented reality apps that provide a real world experience through digital objects.

A similar technology has been launched by ARcore by Google which has increased the use of technology and also the adoption has been increased too. 

At events AR can create a real-life experience and allow every user in the room to experience the same and see the similar images, making it perfect for boosting engagement. The event industry is embracing this advanced technology to shape and change the way we interact, attend, and market our businesses at events. 

Four ways we see organizers using AR now and in the future:

Allowing Attendees to interact and connect:

We all know how much networking is necessary in the events and that event facilitator knows too. AR can make it very easy and also help networking with the right people. Just imagine that you can see a pop up above each one’s head in the event about who the person is and what topic he is interested in discussing ? That might be great and also it saves so much time and also energy.


Gamify Experiences

With the increased demand of event technology , event gamification has become a new trend. You can make your conference a bit more fun by gamifying it with leaderboards, facilitated games, and networking opportunities. AR brings a whole new avenue and interactiveness at the venue possibilities. Organizers can take attendees on digital scavenger hunts, or set up friendly competition stations for attendees to face-off in an augmented reality gaming experience.  The technology is out there already, it’s just a matter of making it scalable for all event organizers


Organize Virtual tour for attendees

In near time we will see augmented reality giving a virtual tour or virtual tour guide set up at the venue itself. This concept has been developed already in many ways but now we will foresee more changes and improvements and sophistication in different ways. Instead of paying for directional signage, and staff to help manage crowds — soon we may see the rise in augmented reality to solve for venue mapping solutions.


Showcase your products in action

Hosting trade shows which have large products to demonstrate to the audience requires large space and also a big venue to accommodate the products. But, what if you could bring a variety of large products into one space virtually?  Imagine a car “viewing” station where you can select which car you’d like to view and get a 360, life-size view. Or imagine seeing manufacturing equipment full-size, in action right at your event booths or demonstration rooms. These technologies will allow the attendees to engage with the products and services like they’ve never been able to before.


The future of AR

Since it’s an interactive channel, it is becoming easy to imagine the use cases for augmented reality at events.  It will be interesting to see the trend develop and the technology become more readily available to the market at large. Using these technologies is a chance for sponsors, event managers, and any other tech enthusiast to add value, and create buzz around their event.

With that, the future of engagement at events is absolutely unimaginable!

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