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Augmented Reality in defense

Defense has been a very important part of the nation’s security. We want the best for our country so we also have to evolve with the time. Tactical augmented reality systems will revolutionize how soldiers access information and conduct operations. With the expanding possibilities of data and graphic processing the number of uses of AR is increasing exponentially. 

AR for Defence Training

Military training is the backbone of defense. Without training we can’t let soldiers go into combat. The first and foremost use of AR is used basically in military training. They provide HUD enabling Augemented Reality can overlay blueprints or a view from a satellite or overheard drone directly onto the soldiers’ field of vision. This HUD is supplying who make defense manufacturing is supplied all over the world. 


AR for Drones

A miniature unmanned aerial vehicle or aircraft is called a drone. It can be operated without a pilot. It has proved to be an invaluable tool during recent times in military operations. With the right software of AR called Vuforia Studio, drone technology can be proved to be an effective tool as surveillance , which provides them with the real data. Military drones data could identify suspicious enemy movement with some images like text or marks over them, just as you can see lines and names on the street. 

(european space agency)

AR for Pilots

Traning pilots is a very tough job also aircrafts are costly affair too. So, its really necessary to train the pilots. Here AR helps a lot before actually getting hands on the aircraft. Using AR they can get everything in 3D overlay and they can visaulize navigation system, working with air control traffic, experience weather conditions and also tough terrains and also how to work in the fields. Also it helps to learn alot about taking off and landing which is very crucial in flying. Augmented reality saves lot of cost of defense and also maintenance of the crew. 

One more time where AR plays a very important role is during mid air fuelling and in flying formats. Its really very necessary training because its really difficult in real life so needs the training first. Thanks to augmented and virtual reality software, it is possible to train pilots in these advanced manoeuvre techniques in order to increase their efficiency and operability.

(iOT for all)

AR for the Navy

Navy always has their own unique demand and Augmented Reality is there to help them. For example if a bridge officer is there to see the safety of the ships they first request the need information via radio from the operation room to verify what they can physically see. However there was always a breach in the system. With the help of Augmented reality devices they can get the information properly and then they assist it properly. Also they have smart googles which they can blend real-world visuals with data generated by sensors, like radars and sonar. 

(the maritime executive)

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