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AR, VR & MR the big difference

With rapid growth between AR, VR & MR, there has been an increasing confusion about the differences between the technologies. 

All these technologies are gaining momentum, let’s have a look at the latest advancements in this industry:

​​​​​1) Mixed reality is used by Microsoft to combine virtual objects with the real world.

2) Apple’s ARKit framework allows millions of iPhone and iPad owners to experience augmented reality (AR).

3) Facebook is trying to bring virtual reality (VR) to the larger audiences.

Augmented reality: Augmented reality interferes into the existing reality that helps enhance the real-world with images, text, and other virtual information via devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart lenses, and AR glasses. AR overlays digital information on real-world elements. Also, augmented reality is the overlay of digital content on the real-world environment. 

Virtual reality: virtual reality is an artificial digital environment that completely replaces the real world. It can also be called a computer-simulated reality. Through virtual reality, you are tricked into thinking that you are in a completely different environment or a world apart from the real world. The jewellery market and the industry are still excited about this tech trend and further progress is expected shortly.

Mixed reality: MR comes into picture when we combine AR & VR as it allows us to place virtual objects in the real environment. It is a step beyond augmented reality as users can interact with virtual objects that are placed in the real world. Mixed reality thus, allows us to have one foot in the real world & the other foot in an imaginary place.

If we talk about the fundamental difference between the AR, VR and MR, Virtual elements are added to AR user’s real-world experience, while VR users have an entire Virtual experience and both virtual elements during their real-world experience are given by MR. The ultimate aim of these technologies is to connect the virtual world and humans.

AR and VR are more accessible and adopted by single users, but MR is used by big companies. MR requires more processing power in comparison to mobile devices and most VR and VR applications can easily run on mobile phone

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