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Importance of Augmented Reality in Jewellery Business

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the biggest technology trends right now and it’s going to get bigger as AR powered smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world.

The recent trend has made retail shift from established shops to mobile phones. Most of the people have actually stopped buying from offline shops, rather, they prefer online shopping. Now, the biggest problem that the online vendors face is the inability to make customers try products on themselves. It is practically impossible for consumers to visualise 2 dimensional images of the products.

Augmented reality helps solving these problems to a great extent. Just like you can try before buying clothes, similarly, JewelTRY provides with the benefit of trying before buying for online shopping of jewellery. Jewellery selling is all about attracting consumers & invoking desires in them to purchase, which is only possible when they try different designs, colours, and products.

Augmented reality has completely changed the idea of in-store selling. Today virtual jewellery experience is on the rise, where people can simply use their smartphones and try the jewellery virtually to see how it fits them. Also, the jewellery shopping trend is gradually becoming outdated because many retailers have been very slow in building a web presence. It is high time to keep clients engaged and serve them digitally.

There are two ways of using augmented reality :

Mobile Augmented Commerce

Even though today people prefer buying online over visiting shop, yet the things are totally different, in jewellery industry, because seeing images or browsing earrings/ necklaces or rings does not really give them a detailed idea about the product and its size or colour. This is where Augmented reality comes into picture as it proves out to be a better solution. Through augmented reality, consumers can try before buying, from anywhere, at any time. This delights the consumer & encourages them to engage with the product. Augmented reality helps simplify the life of modern jewellers by allowing them to be accessible to customers any time of the day without renting big shops.

Augmented Product Catalog

A product catalog is a standard type of advertising in the jewellery industry, but even the most vivid imagination does not guarantee it would look good on you. Therefore, before people decide to buy jewellery online, they wish to try it & see if it suits them. A simple product catalogue is not able to show how well a piece of jewellery will look on your hand but with augment product catalog you can turn every item in to an amazing experience of TryON. These cataloges can be applied in store which makes it pretty easy to attract consumers.

Does AR solve the problem of Jewellery retailer?

Yes, it does & this is how:

The price of educating consumers is high: The price of educating each consumer about the value of each gemstone & metal is way too high but through AR customers can point in their phone the ring or necklace & see in the augmented reality product information including size & value of gemstone.

Millennials don’t spend time in jewellery shopping: Millennials are usually less fascinated with jewellery & thus do not waste a lot of time on the same. This is where AR is helpful. AR provides them with the opportunity to try on jewellery in less time that attracts people’s interest & saves their time.

Online Jewellery sales is quite low: Just the product doesn’t seem enough. The main steps involved in purchasing jewellery process are look and feel of the product. This is why it is important to let buyers try on items virtually. This is an engaging process which in-turn increases the sales.

The Future of AR

Contactless business is thriving in the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more reluctant to go to stores to purchase jewellery & their chief concern lies in the level of sanitisation of the product they have to try & buy. Plushvie, a jewel-tech start-up that offers a real time & smooth jewellery try on experience online. It is highly recommended for every Jewellery retailer who wants to expand their business and cater to Millennials.

Few platforms like Snapchat & Instagram use virtual reality especially with filters & in many other industries in the past have explored it, but post Covid—19, with social distancing & contactless business being the new normal, augmented reality can play a very big role to capture a large market share. All this will help jewellers increase their reach & enable easy checkouts by providing shoppers with more options worldwide.

Do you wish to check whether you can implement Augmented Reality (AR) for your business? Book a DEMO with us.

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