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5 Reasons to Integrate Technology to your Jewellery Business

Technology is changing the way people buy and sell jewellery. Read on to find out how you can empower your jewellery business with technology.

Designing, producing and shopping jewellery just got a lot more exciting. How, you ask? Technology!

Tools like Augmented Reality, 3D printing and computer-aided design (CAD) are single-handedly revolutionising the jewellery industry, holding immense new potential for jewellery businesses, designers and shoppers. Offering cheaper and more varied production, along with quicker shipment, technology is already becoming a pioneer in changing the outlook of how people view jewellery businesses. 

Technology? In Jewellery Businesses? Why?

With new innovations making their way to the jewellery marketplace, it becomes essential for you to stay in the game by constantly evolving with the trends to stay fierce in the face of your competition and maintain your brand reputation.

We have already talked about how technology is revolutionising the jewellery scene in India. Wondering why it’s time to make your jewellery business a little tech-savvy? Read on to find five reasons why and how technology can help you take your jewellery store to newer paradigms:

  1. Online Shopping is here to stay

We’ve previously pointed out the importance of e-commerce in a post-pandemic world [attach the link to blog #19]. Online shopping brings the comfort of shopping anytime, anywhere.

  1. Unique customization & swift demand fulfilment

3D printing creates 3D models of jewellery in less manufacturing time and at low product cost, also allowing for quick corrections and complex detailing. With the use of this technology, even customers can get involved in designing and creating their jewellery.

The use of technology has reduced time consumption, employment of labour, and resources, thus making the manufacturing process cost-efficient.

  1. Making long-lasting connections with your Customers

Tools like Augmented Reality and video calls have made it possible for you to provide your customers with a more personalised shopping experience. While Virtual try-ons allow them to try all your jewellery from the comfort of anywhere, video calling enables trust-building. What’s better? You can integrate both these technology hacks to your jewellery business as early as today!

  1. Improving workplace Culture

The developing technology is helping to improve the workplace culture. Investment in technology leads to an increase in productivity, employee motivation, well-being, and business growth. Availability of the best resources, remote working and constant monitoring has increased employee productivity. Also, it reduces resource wastage and saves time.  

  1. Opening your jewellery store to the world

Nearly more than half of the world’s population is using social media, and reaching the target audience with the help of social media has brought positive results. By doing online data analysis, the brands offer consumers jewellery designs based on their tastes.

Jewelers can now target a large audience by advertising their brand online. By implementing proper digital marketing strategies, businesses can promote their brand globally on social media platforms. 

New to social media? Get your free e-commerce guide to get started!

Looking for reasons to take your jewellery store digital? We give you four reasons to go ahead with it!

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