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4 Ways Augmented Reality can change your Jewellery Store

What is Augmented Reality & how can it put your jewellery brand on the global map? Read to find out!

As a jeweller, you may have read about Augmented Reality and wondered how important it really is for your brand. You may also have wondered how Augmented Reality conferencing and Augmented Reality video shopping can improve your brand identity. 

We cannot use this picture. This us Mirrar’s picture and theyre our big competitor!

You may take a look around and notice how obsessed youngsters these days are with ‘filters’ on social media like Snapchat and Instagram. These filters are one small offering of Augmented Reality, that enables us to visualize things better! It is estimated that by 2024, the number of mobile AR users shall reach 1.73 billion! AR also allows us to offer our customers to try jewellery online, offering interactive online engagement ring try on, virtual try on necklaces, rings, and more!

In this blog, we explore 4 ways you can use Augmented Reality to build a lucrative jewellery brand!

  1. Build a better Audience Engagement with AR

It is easy to get new customers – but extremely hard to keep them. Improving your customer experience not only improves your relationship with your customers but can also help you positively impact your revenue, according to Bain & Co. 

Augmented Reality allows your customers to interact with your inventory in a unique way. It gamifies the shopping process, making it fun and memorable. Tools like jewellery virtual try on and ring tryon over video call enable shoppers to choose different pieces of jewellery and make an informed decision.

Even if shoppers decide not to buy the product,you’ve already created a lasting impression on them by allowing them to spend time interacting with your jewellery inventory – which can influence their shopping decision in future.

  1. Use AR to create a unique Digital Shopping Experience for your buyers

Step into the future of shopping experiences with Augmented Reality – especially younger customers. AR provides an exciting, fresh way for shoppers to interact with products, especially in the post-pandemic world where more and more people are welcoming online jewellery shopping.

You can even step further into utilizing AR for providing your shoppers the option of group video conferencing using group video call apps that are very easy to integrate into your jewellery website. Plushmeet has one of the best group video chat apps you can try out today! Video call apps allow your shoppers to invite their friends and family into their shopping process. Group video calls have exciting features that allow everyone to engage and immerse, making group video calls more exciting than ever.

  1. Use Augmented Reality to stand out from your competition

Today, every jewellery store has gone online. But many jewellery shops online only cater to the basic needs of their shoppers. AR tools can help you step forward from traditional selling and put you ahead of your competition.

You can now use the power of technology to boost your online presence, reach new shoppers, and also build your brand image. Integrating technology shows shoppers that you are changing with the needs of the times and trendy tools like virtual try on jewellery and AR powered group video calls can help you reach younger shoppers more rapidly!

  1. Personalize your shoppers’ experience using AR

With the power of AR on your side, you can personalize shopping experience for your buyers which can not only greatly impact their buying decision, but also encourage them to spend more.

Not just that, Augmented Reality brings your jewellery store to the convenience of your buyers – allowing them to shop from your store anywhere, anytime. 

Augmented Reality can be a massive gamechanger for your jewellery store. It is reshaping and revolutionizing the jewellry industry and encouraging and influencing shoppers in creative ways never thought of before. As a true visionary, you should also continue to move with the changing customer behaviour and give your jewellery store the leverage of Augmented Reality today!

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